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If you have recently been involved in a bike accident and are looking for a skilled accident attorney, then look no further. Our firm’s principal partners, Jason Naimi & Scott Dilbeck, are both cyclists. That experience places us in a unique position to understand the risks and challenges cyclists face, as well as the dire consequences of the general public’s overall lack of awareness of cyclists and lack of respect for cyclists’ rights on the road, which are no less protected by law than the rights of car drivers. We always put our clients and their needs first and as a result we have been able to help countless auto accident victims get the compensation they deserve. personal injury attorneys

You Have Been in a Bicycle Accident – Now What?

Bicycle accidents are some of the worst types of traffic accidents to be involved in. Rarely does the bicycle accident victim walk away with only minor injuries. It is not hard to imagine the physical damage that can be done to a person when they are hit by a full sized vehicle while wearing nothing but lycra or athletic clothing.
However, even though bicycle accident victims suffer some of the most severe injuries, they can be left with little or no compensation for those injuries. The big insurance companies are only interested in one thing – saving their company money. They do not care about your injuries, your medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a bicycle accident victim is to try to represent your legal rights on your own. This is exactly what the insurance agencies want you to do. This gives them the best chance of saving money and not giving you the full compensation you deserve.
If you have recently been in a bicycle accident, hire a quality bike accident lawyer that will represent your best interest.

Why Choose us as Your Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Put your faith in attorneys whose passion for cycling is surpassed only by their motivation to protect the injured. Our knowledge of the laws specific to bicycles and personal experience on the roads around and southern make us the top choice among personal injury lawyers for bicycle-related accidents.

Are our Lawyers the Right Bicycle Accident Attorney for You?

Of course our Law Firm handles personal injury cases, but you don’t just need a personal injury attorney. You need a bicycle accident attorney, and most lawyers don’t qualify. Make sure your bicycle accident case is handled by a personal injury law firm that knows how to handle these unique cases. We know what it takes to make a strong bike accident case, what questions to ask, and – most importantly – how to win. Our aggressive approach will get you the maximum possible personal injury settlement.accident lawyers

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